Face Escape

Hi! My name is Nicole Kirrane and reside in North Central Massachusetts. I'm a stay home mom of 4 and lucky to have a very supportive husband! At the tender age of 7 I began painting with acrylics. By 12 I was a regular instructor in my family's decorative painting studio. I've painted on wood, fabric, tin, and anything that would NOT move. It was not until I had children of my own that I discovered the magic of Face Painting. I have been able to transform them into super heros, cats, dogs, monsters, and more. I love to watch the expression on a child's face the first time they gaze into my mirror. Sometimes I think my smile is bigger than their own. 

I am focused on providing Face Painting with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – I will do everything I can to meet your expectations.

I use only professional face paints which are FDA compliant for cosmetic use.

The brands I use are Diamond FX, TAG and Wolfe FX. Although most people call these

“face paints” they are not actually paints…they are water-based Makeup, designed just for skin.

Professional Face Paint is actually designed to be used on many hundreds of faces,

and therefore has high levels of antimicrobial ingredients to keep it safe and hygienic.

I also use only cosmetic grade glitters, which are never gritty or harsh on the skin as craft glitters can be. Professional Face Paint is easily removed with a mild soap or baby shampoo.